Day Shift Office is an antiworkaholic design studio

Day Shift Office is a graphic design studio of Terezie Štindlová and Bára Růžičková, 
currently based in Amsterdam and Brno.

We are open for new projects and collaborations, 
hit us up at

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Friends and collaborators:

Florian Karsten, Kristian Maňas, Radim Lisa, mixtape spojka, Barbora Demovičová, Filip Beránek, Studio Univerzal, Comunite Fresca, Test Print Platform, Karsten Systems, Vitamin

Day Shift stands not only for our studio name but also a set of values we are trying to carry through our work.

1. Day Shift challenges the current work conditions
2. Day Shift glorifies the cult of non-busyness
3. Day Shift is respecting everyones time

4. Day Shift is not taking part in the game of constant fighting, winning, losing
5. Day Shift is smaller
6. Day Shift is anti-workaholism and 24/7 hustle
7. Day Shift says no to sleepless nights working alongside our caring friend f.lux, kindly dimming the blue screen light for us
8. Day Shift means recognition of work hours and non-work hours, weekends and holidays
9. Day Shift demands everybody is being paid for their work
10. Day Shift wants to do meaningful work in healthier working environment.

From the beginning of our collaboration we quickly realised we wanted to set up a more conscious way of working, not automatically leaning towards the 24/7-workaholism-burnout structures we saw were too common around our friends and colleagues. 

We see our manifesto more as an ongoing discussion between ourselves, a set of rules helping us on our daily bases to challenge the usual work conditions in our field and setting up healthier boundaries. 

We believe a critical discussion about work conditions should be normalized, so the Day Shift manifesto is open for anyone. We would be happy if you decide to take it, shift it, use it as your own.