Day Shift Office is an antiworkaholic design studio



Visual identity of a Performance Festival
Organized and curated by
Photos by Tereza Havlínková
2022, Prague

“Emotions – be they highs or lows – are coded into the social media platforms on which we spend so much of our lives and which thrive on our emotional engagement, as our own emoticons remind us every day. (…) We react emotionally to what is happening around us, but sometimes it seems as if the ways in which we react make us incapable of dealing with the problems at hand.“

Because of the theme we wanted to design an identity which would feel somehow intense and urgent. Through using exclamation and question marks with an orange phosporecent color within the whole communication, the identity of the festival became sort of noisy, anxious and a bit passive aggressive.


Catalogue of a Performance Festival "We Are All Emotional"
2022, Prague

Flora Olomouc 2022

Visual identity of Flora
Collaboration with @mimokolektiv
2022, Olomouc

Flora is an annual floral exhibition happening every spring in Olomouc. We designed a simple visual system based on illustrations representing different moments of a plant life cycle.

Synthetic Becoming

Book design

Published by FaVU VUT & K. Verlag

The collective monograph Synthetic Becoming brings together research by artists, activists, and feminist technoscience practitioners concerned with sympoietic becoming with hormones and hormonally-active chemicals.

Fotograf Festival #9: Archeology of Euphoria

Visual identity of Fotograf Festival #9
Photos by Filip Beránek
Animation by Kryštof Kučera
2019, Prague

The visual identity was based on claims from various unboxing YouTube videos – we were trying to express the main topic of the festival through that specific language, because we saw a link between that phenomenon with the main topic of the festival; huge expectations and big disappointment in Czech society after the transformation from totalitarian regime to capitalism in 1989. Based on this we temporarily renamed the title of the festival to Unboxing democracy.

2020 Never Happened

Concept and design of a Faculty of Architecture yearbook
2021, Brno

While designing a Yearbook we got our hands on an archive of pictures, including many screenshots of Zoom calls, empty studios, etc. In spite of the 2020 pandemic reality, we decided to present a different, dreamy year, full of colorful events and fun experiences. We felt like everybody around us was already so overwhelmed by what was happening that we decided not to include any of the content so typical for that year; lockdowns, zoom calls, keeping safe. We decided to look at the year 2020 at the Faculty of Architecture from a totally utopian point of view and show it as a year that happened in a different universe.

Titul '21 '22

Visual identity and exhibition design
2021–22, Kumst Brno

Design of an exhibition Titul happening at the end of every school year, presenting diploma projects by students of Faculty of Architecture.


Visuals for
2021, ongoing

Illustrations and infographics for series of texts on topics of Gig Economy, Delivery capitalism and Digitalization of money & visuals for promoting a new publishing platform.